Company NENSI d.o.o. was established by market leaders who are supplying Slovenian market with pharmaceutical products. Their aim was to ensure a uniform and explicit identification of each product that appears on Slovenian market and supplies pharmacies, health centers, hospitals and related activities.


With NENSI product database (database NENSI) we establish a uniform code of each product that appears in pharmacy area and in general health services on Slovenian market and through that provide a unique identification for each product on Slovenian territory.


On our website, we provide you with free, publicly available basic information about products:

  • NENSI 7-digit numerical code;
  • abbreviated title;
  • unit of measure and
  • manufacturer's mark.

Based on partnership agreement (you can fill out an application here) we are also offering access to additional data and the use of our Web services to all interested companies / institutions / establishments.


We run a non-profit business which is financed through contributions from all interested companies / institutions / foundations. Any surpluses are invested in increasing the scope and quality of our services.