The need for unique product identification in health care on Slovenian territory


One of the most significant elements of process efficiency in the product marketing is certainly effective communication. In its implementation, companies and institutions involved in the chain supplying the population with medicines, medical devices and related technical products are faced with obstacles which greatly reduce the effectiveness of communication about products.


Considerable problems of pharmacies, hospitals, health centers, specialist shops as well as their suppliers with preparation of public contracts for medicines and medical devices, lack of effective processes and traceability of the products, difficulty of placing orders, deliveries, sales, analysis, ... lack of a unified review of offer of pharmaceutical and other products in the health sector on Slovenian market have, like within many European countries, led to reflection of establishing a common product database on Slovenian territory.


In search of appropriate solutions for overcoming the obstacles and realizing the idea ofestablishing a common product database on the national level, the leading Slovene wholesalers made an agreement and prepared a foundation for the unique product identification in health care and established
NENSI, a company for processing and maintenance of products databases, Ltd.