Respected Sir / Madam


NENSI products database is the result of our leading wholesalers’ efforts to standardize products identification on the health field in our region.


We are aware that only by working together we can build and maintain such a large project. Your knowledge, experience and ties woven with manufacturers represent a priceless source of valuable information about products. Based on cooperation with you, we collect the information, convert it to electronic form and present it to Slovenian public.


We invite: 

  • Slovenian manufacturers of products marketed to health (not only medicines and medical devices but all products in the assortment of wholesalers, public and hospital pharmacies, hospitals, specialist shops, health centers, nursing homes, etc..);
  • representatives of foreign manufacturers of such products;
  • wholesalers with products in the health sector;
  • public pharmacies;
  • hospital pharmacies;
  • specialty shops;
  • hospitals;
  • health centers;
  • health insurance companies;
  • public institutions in health care;
  • all other institutions and companies that are in any way connected to health area.

We invite you to join our large family and contribute to growth of our common, Slovenian NENSI database with your ideas and abilities!